John A. Van de Walle  Professional Development Grants

The Greater Richmond Council of Teachers of Mathematics is pleased to announce a program of annual grants to its members. The Council encourages professional development among its members and will award annually up to four grants, each not exceeding $1000. Awards will be given to current members to help them defray personal expenses, not otherwise reimbursed, for the following activities:

1. Doing a special project in the classroom (funds for consumable materials cannot exceed 10% of the total proposed amount)

2. Enrolling in a mathematics or mathematics education college credit course (up to $1000)

3. Attending a regional mathematics or mathematics related conference

4. Participating in a mathematics or mathematics education summer institute

5. First-time attendee to an NCTM Annual Conference

6. Attending a VCTM Annual Conference

All current members of the Greater Richmond Council of Teachers of Mathematics are eligible to apply. Only one application per member may be submitted each year. Previous awardees are eligible to apply three years following their last award.

No later than one year following completion of the professional development activity, recipients of the GRCTM Professional Development Grants shall:

  • present a session at a GRCTM Conference describing the information gained from their activity and its impact on their teaching
  • submit an article describing their professional development experience to be shared with the GRCTM membership. 

Completed applications are to be submitted no later than November 15 for winter and spring grants or March 15 for summer and fall grants. Awardees will be notified and introduced at the fall or spring GRCTM Conference. All awards are for reimbursement of funds for activities to be carried out within one calendar year.

Applications will be judged on several criteria including the level of impact of the proposed activity on the applicant and the applicant’s school. Please keep in mind that these proposals are to suggest activities that are above and beyond your normal duties.

Apply for the John A. Van de Walle
Professional Development Grant

Lucien T. Hall, Jr. Distinguished Service Award

Nominations are being accepted for the Lucien T. Hall, Jr. Distinguished Service Award.  Consider nominating a colleague that exhibits these characteristics. 
  • An extended period of exemplary classroom teaching;
  • Distinguished service in a supervisory or administrative role;
  • Service in a leadership role in GRCTM, VCTM, NCTM;
  • Service in a support role in GRCTM or other professional organizations;
  • Service through participation on educational committees;
  • Participation as a speaker or workshop leader at meetings;
  • Service as an instructional leader in school division in-service training
  • Publication in professional journals or newsletters.

Deadline for nominations is January 31.

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